Hello! That's me over there! I'm an Italian-Irish, fast talkin', food lovin', coffee addict. I'm into dad jokes and sarcasm. I live in a tiny house that's filled with lots of laughter and love. Here's a little more about me...

This is Me  I'm Autumn and I am a Wedding, Elopement and Couples photographer from Northern California. I'm married to the most amazing, kind and funny guy I know and I have a cute rescue dog named Bleu (yes, like the cheese). I'm a lover of food, coffee and good company. I'm a loud Italian-Irish girl with a big laugh. I think I'm really funny and you'll often find me laughing at my own jokes. I love 90's hip hop music and red wine. Thai food is my jam and I love a good crime documentary on a cozy night in. 

I've been wildly in love with my husband Spencer for over 12 years! I think that's why I'm so passionate about telling love stories. I know what it's like to be so head over heels about someone and excited to see where the future takes you. I love when my brides and grooms are so in love that they can't keep their hands off of each other because that was us...to be honest that's still us. Spencer often tags along to weddings with me to help capture your day. He's my secret weapon on weddings days and often wins the award for MVP. 


You can find me most nights cooking dinner for my husband and catching up on one of our favorite shows (currently The Madalorian and Mind Hunter). We are homebody's and that's how we like it. When I'm not working on weekends though and we're feeling adventurous we love to go wine tasting or off to the coast with the pup to relax and clear our minds. There's something about being by the ocean that centers me and makes me feel home (maybe I'm a mermaid).


My Approach  I absolutely love what I do! Capturing the big moments on your Wedding day when every person you've ever loved gathers to hear you say "I do!" Or the little moment's with your family somewhere in a sun drenched field, soaking up all the giggles, hugs and kisses. That is what makes me feel alive. You won't find me posing you in traditional boring ways. I'm more about authentic moments over perfect ones. I want to capture your story and what makes you love in the most real way possible, the laughs, tears or silly quirks that make you YOU! So if you want to have fun, run around and laugh so hard you cry you've come to the right place!

I'll be honest, if you're just looking for a girl with a nice camera I'm probably not the photographer for you and that's totally ok! I'm the photographer for the adventurous, wild and deeply in love. The brides who aren't afraid to get their dress a little dirty and are excited to chase the sunset with me. I value my relationships with my clients and I love that I get to tell your story in a way you've never seen before. My style is bright and warm with a little hint of moody romance. I believe that a candid moment trumps a perfectly posed one every time! That's why I'm in this, to help you tell the real story. 

I'm up for any adventure! Want to elope in the mountains? Run the sandy shores of California? Hop on a plane to an exotic destination? I'm in! I want to go where your journey takes you and to a place that's speak to your heart. I'm ready to travel at a moments notice, my bags are packed and my passport is always ready to add a new stamp! 

I'd love to chat with you over a good cup of coffee or cocktail if that's more your vibe, to talk about your life and capturing all your beautiful moments. If you can't wait to chat contact me here! I'd love to get to know you more! To see what I've been up to lately make sure to check out @AutumnAgrella instagram or head over to the Blog here. I can't wait to hear more about you!


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