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What exactly is an Elopement? 

Elopements + Intimate Weddings 

If you're thinking cheesy little white chapel in Las Vegas with Elvis you've got it all wrong!

While the definition of what an Elopement looks like has changed over the years the meaning behind it hasn't. Elopements are for those who want to ditch the fuss and fluff of a traditional wedding day and make the day truly about them.


A wedding day that is truly for YOU! 

Elopements are small and intimate ceremonies somewhere that is inspiring and a reflection of the TWO OF YOU. They can be as intimate as just the two of you exchanging vows on the top of a mountain or the two of you and 20 of your closest friends on a sandy shore. What the day looks and feels like is completely up to you. No chaos of a wedding day, having to invite your parents colleagues or plan this big huge party that just doesn't feel like YOU. 

There is no right or wrong when planning your Elopement as long as it makes you feel happy. There are no rules. No traditions to follow. You do you and your bring what you want to the party. 


Not just a ceremony but an EXPERIENCE.

The experience

Adventure together to the most magical place you can imagine!

An elopement is so different from the traditional wedding experience. We do away with all the endless posing and smiling for the camera. Timelines? They're out the door! There's no strict schedule or overly posed photos because I want you to truly enjoy this day and soak in every moment you can. We will spend time talking about the day before hand and decide where we want to go, what we want to do and when we want to do it.

Each Elopement has a different flow but the basics stay the same. We will travel to the destination of your choice. I will be with the bride while she gets ready to capture the moment (and maybe even help you zip your dress). I'll capture the first moment that you two see each other and we can take as long as we want. We will venture to a beautiful location for your intimate vow exchange then spend the rest of our time together adventuring, hiking, taking photos that are not only in beautiful places but are full of real emotions and zero stress. 


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