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Grace + Ryan Big Island Wedding

July 22, 2019


Last year I told my husband "I want to shoot a wedding in Hawaii in 2019." About 3 days later I received an inquiry from Grace where she told me she too loved wine, coffee and being a homebody. I knew the stars had aligned and I had met my soulmate haha! In all seriousness though Grace also told me that she was looking for someone fun and adventurous and that candid and authentic emotion being captured during her wedding was her highest priority for photos. I was in. Sold!


This wedding was the Hawaiian wedding of my dreams. Lush green banana leaf plants and goats were all over Sunshower Farms the sweet little sustainable coffee farm up in the mountains just outside of Kona. (Also, bring me to a coffee farm in Hawaii is like taking me to paradise.) June is rainy season on the Big Island so most of this wedding was spent in a light drizzle of rain, followed by the most epic sunset I've ever seen. The rain didn't stop anyone from having a good time though. The whole day was full of laughs, happy tears and a little drunk dancing. 


This wedding brought out a piece of my soul that I didn't know existed. Grace and Ryan treated me and my husband Spencer (who second shot this wedding with me and many of his amazing captures are below) like we were old friends. They sat us at a table with their best friends, served us an incredible meal and welcomed us into this super intimate and meaningful day with open arms. At the end of the night Grace's mom put her arm around me and said "put your camera down, you've worked so hard today you should have a drink and dance a little." Literal tears came out of my eyeballs and overwhelming happiness is the only way I can describe how this wedding felt to me. 


I can only hope to get to come back to the islands with another incredible couple and photograph a wedding as beautiful and meaningful as this one. I hope you enjoy looking through a little piece of this stunning wedding set right in the middle of paradise