What the heck do we wear? 



It's the #1 question I am asked right after I book a session with a client. No fear! I am here to help you and guide you through the ever daunting task of choosing wardrobe for your photo session. Ready? Let's dive in....

First things First

Two Outfits

One Dressy

One Casual

When choosing outfits think about what will look good at the location we are shooting. If it's snowing then a sleeveless dress is probably not the best option. Going for a more urban location? Wear something more modern or edgy to compliment your surroundings

Maybe, the most important thing to remember is that I want you to wear clothing that is easy to move in. If you can't lift your arms or run freely it's going to hold us back from doing fun prompts and will make things feel less relaxed and carefree. To go along with that make sure your clothes fit you well. Nothing too tight or too baggy. 

Nothing more beautiful than a flowing dress on the beach, right? The material of your clothes will make a huge difference in the final image. Think about materials that are flowy for those epic dress shots. For casual go for different textures mixed and matched with classics like denim. 

When in doubt keep it neutral but never matchy matchy

While I love a good pop of color nothing photographs quite as beautiful as soft and light neutrals. 

- Go for colors that are lighter like whites, creams or pastels. 

- Mix in other neutrals like denim or leather. I love a cute denim jacket thrown over a summer dress it's a classic look that is effortless. 

- Not a fan of light colors? Black can work as well but make sure to mix in some textures or denim to break it up a bit. 

- Coordinate but please don't be too matching. Nothing worse than the awkward "did you guys match on purpose?" Also, remember those embarrassing photos of you and your siblings wearing matching white shirts and khakis? Yeah...don't do that. 

Clothing that fits well, Photographs well.


This is maybe the biggest rule you need to follow when picking out clothes both for women and men. To me there is nothing worse than a beautiful photo of two people in love at a great location but someones shirt is way to tight, squeezing in the wrong places, baggy pants, too long or too short items just make things look....well....cheap. Your clothing should fit PERFECTLY. You should look like you could be modeling clothing for a magazine.

- If you have parts of your body that you're not a fan of pick clothing pieces that don't emphasize that body part. For example a lot of women don't like their arms showing. I suggest that if that's the case wear something with a sleeve.

-Make sure your clothing is not pulling or tugging

- Straps that stay in place so you're not constantly fixing them

- Hemlines on skirts and dresses that are too short will be uncomfortable or may blow up in the wind. Same goes for something with a high slit. If you're not comfortable showing a lot of leg go for something with a more conservative hemline.

- Bra Staps showing. NO. Never. Sorry I'm going to be harsh but a bra strap showing is never a good look. If you choose something that needs to be worn without a bra or with a strapless bra but you're not comfortable with that choose something else.

Pants that fit. This is a big one for the guys. Baggy or loose fitting pants just don't look modern. Embrace a good pair of slim fit jeans or pants and I promise it will change your world. And you can thank me later :)

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A few more tips...

There are a few colors that I am personally not a fan of and I'll tell you why. 

- Green. Most of my sessions are shot outdoors and most of the outdoors is full of gorgeous green grass, trees, flowers etc. and so wearing a green top or dress just makes you blend in too much. Avoid it please. 

- Bright Reds and pinks. I love red but a really bright red or pink will reflect back into yours and your partners face and can cast some weird colors on your skin. 

- Neon anything. Just avoid it in general unless you're into looking like a highlighter. 

Colors to Avoid

Patterns are super fun and can really add that something extra special to your wardrobe. But there are a few rules I want you to follow. 

- Only one of you can be in a patterned piece and only one piece of clothing should be patterned. 

- If one of you is wearing a pattern then the other should be in a solid. 

- Tiny patterns don't photograph as well as a large pattern will. 

- Textures and embroidery can act as a pattern too. 


It's a great idea to get your hair and makeup done for your engagement session or any portrait session. You can often schedule your wedding day trial run on the day we shoot your engagement session too. 

Remember that less is more. While I love some pretty lashes or a bold lip I find the best makeup for photos is more natural looking. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you are my client and I'll be happy to send you a few names of amazing local hair and makeup teams!

Hair + Makeup

I love when my clients include cool accessories! A cute felt hat, some layered necklaces or bracelets, denim jackets and even beanies if it's cold. 

While I don't shoot with props like signs I do love when my clients include things that are a reflection of their personality. Here's a few examples of props that you might bring along to make a part of your shoot

- guitar

- a cool blanket to get cuddly

- bicycles or motorcycle

- bouquet of flowers or flower crowns

- a cool vintage car

If you are bringing something along for your shoot just let me know so I can make sure we have enough time and the proper location to shoot. 


REAL Client Examples

I loved Taylor and Ryan's Edgy Vibes for their sunset shoot overlooking the city. Taylor paired her black fringe skirt with strappy wedges and lacy crop top and Ryan's leather jacket really pulled the whole look together. 

When in doubt keep it simple. The bride should find a dress or outfit that she loves and feels good in and then we can coordinate the grooms outfit to hers. Amber loved this yellow floral print dress and we put Derek in a simple blue button up and added a hat for Amber for that extra umph!

The beach is beautiful but can also be freezing and windy at sunset. I like to save our casual outfit for last for that reason so that you can wear a cozy sweater. Lindsay wore this perfect light gray cable knit sweater and cuffed denim jeans and we put Matt in some slim fit tan pants and a navy long sleeved henley. The neutral colors and cozy vibes really made this shoot feel authentic and easy. 

Tips for Dudes with no style

Keep it simple. 

Not sure where to even start? An outfit that works for every guy in every type of location is a classic well fitting button up shirt. We can roll the sleeves if it's warm out. You could wear a plain crew neck underneath and leave it unbuttoned for a more casual look. Pair it with a great pair of jeans or a nicer pair of pants for some versatile looks. Keep your shoes simple too. Some basic sneakers or a great pair of leather boots or better yet if we are on a beach kick off your shoes all together. 

Things that are too simple and basic that are a big fat NO from me: 

- t-shirts with logos or graphics of any kind

- sweat pants or sweatshirts

- board shorts (unless we are shooting in water)

- Flip Flops

Bold Patterns

If your partner is wearing a solid colored dress or top then you can play around with some patterns.

I love a floral print button up on a guy or a bold plaid shirt. Don't be afraid to get creative and go a little trendy. If a patterned shirt alone feels too much out of your normal comfort zone try throwing a bomber jacket or denim jack over it.

Just keep in mind that all of your colors should still coordinate with hers. 

Have several shirts you love and not sure what will look best? Bring them all and I will help you decide at the shoot. 

Sexy in a Suit

Guys look amazing in a well fitted suit. Enough said. 

You know James Bond? Don Draper from Mad Men? The reason women go crazy for them is the suit. Trust me you'll feel amazing in the suit too! 

Don't want to be that dressed up? That's ok. Dress pants with a crisp white button up can give you the same kind of look with less fuss. 


Alright...so I know most guys don't wear accessories. I get it, it's just more things to think about. But if you have a watch that you really love or a hat that you keep for only special occasions then now may be the time to bust them out. Other accessories that I love on a guy is a cool beanie. For casual looks a beanie or scarf, a cool jacket or sweater can add a lot to your look. Keep it simple. 

Accessories I'll probably (definitely) make you take off: 

- Chains of any kind. On your belt, around your neck I don't like it in a photo. 

- pocket knives that you can see sitting in a pocket

- baseball cap of any kind. NO. 





I want this shoot and the clothes you wear to be a reflection of who you are. Don't overthink things just wear what you feel good in. If you would never wear a long flowy dress then don't. The last thing I want is to be photographing the version of you that you think I want to photograph. Be you and I'll be me and together we will make some magic. 

I hope this guide has helped you

Below you will find a small list of some of my favorite stores to shop at for shoots. I hope you find some amazing pieces and I can't wait for our shoot!

My favorite shops